Business Valuation Services

Cusack Legal Services can assist you with cases involving a disagreement, issue or dispute about the value of a business. We can provide consulting services or act as either co-counsel or assisting counsel to support the needs of lawyers, individuals, businesses and other organizations. Our services are sought for the following kinds of cases:

  • family law disputes in which the value of a business will be included in the equalization of assets
  • determining the amount of damages suffered by a business when a party is being sued for having caused a loss of business value
  • situations in which one business owner wishes to buy out a partner, and the value of the business must be determined in order to arrive at a purchase price
  • disputes in which one business owner claims another party has unfairly excluded him or her from participation in the business (oppression cases)
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Business valuations are usually performed by Chartered Business Valuators who are experts in their field. However, a business valuation report is simply an opinion provided by the valuator as to what he or she believes that business is worth. And if two or more Chartered Business Valuators assess the value of the same business they are likely to come to different conclusions — in some cases, those conclusions will be wildly different.

Cusack Legal Services can provide assistance when a Chartered Business Valuator has produced an opinion as to the value of a business and:

  • there is a disagreement, issue or dispute about the merits of the valuator's opinion
  • a party or a party's lawyer is unfamiliar with the concepts and processes of business valuation and requires assistance to analyze the report
  • a party or a party's lawyer requires assistance at an examination of a business valuator or at a trial where a business valuator will give evidence

Because most lawyers and judges are not trained as either accountants or business valuators, many of them are unfamiliar with the processes and concepts that underlie the business valuation. Opinions provided by Chartered Business Valuators may be accepted at face value if the parties, the lawyers or the judge don't know how to analyze the valuator's report, or what questions to ask about the valuation processes used and the conclusions arrived at. As a result, cases may be settled or decisions may be reached at trial based on valuation opinions that have been poorly done, or that would not stand up to hard questioning from someone who understands the processes and concepts of business valuation.

Cusack Legal Services can:

  • analyze the business valuator's report to determine whether appropriate methodology has been used in its preparation
  • advise a party or a lawyer about the strengths and weaknesses in a business valuator's report
  • arm the litigant or lawyer with the information required to challenge or defend the valuator's report and conclusions by explaining the concepts and processes involved
  • act as co-counsel or assisting counsel for purposes of cross-examining a business valuator who has provided a report

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