Who uses our Services


In situations involving an emergency, Cusack Legal Services accepts retainers from other lawyers who are unable to handle an emergency matter for their client, from members of the public and from businesses and other organizations whose usual lawyer cannot assist them to deal with the emergency. In a typical case, our assistance will be sought by parties who are faced with an emergency situation and who:

  • do not have a lawyer;
  • have a lawyer, but the lawyer is not available to deal with the emergency due to scheduling conflicts, illness, absence or for other reasons; or
  • have a lawyer, but that lawyer does not handle civil litigation, family law or Wills and Powers of Attorney — for example, if the lawyer only handles real estate transactions or corporate law matters Cusack Legal Services can deal with emergencies by acting as either the counsel or agent for a litigant, or as an agent for other lawyers.

Business Valuations

In cases involving a dispute about the value of a business, a Chartered Business Valuator will usually be hired to provide an expert opinion as to what the business is worth. It has been our experience that most clients, lawyers and judges are unfamiliar with the concepts and processes involved in appraising the value of a business. Cusack Legal Services bridges the gap between the legal profession and the business valuators — we understand what's involved. We can help you to analyze the expert's methodology and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of his or her conclusions. Our services can be of assistance if:

  • there is a disagreement, issue or dispute about the merits of the valuator's opinion
  • a party or a party's lawyer is unfamiliar with the concepts and processes of business valuation and requires assistance to analyze the report
  • a party or a party's lawyer requires assistance at an examination of a business valuator or at a trial where a business valuator will give evidence

Cusack Legal Services can provide consulting services to parties or their lawyers who need assistance dealing with business valuation issues, or we can serve as co-counsel for lawyers who are litigating business valuation issues and who would benefit from assistance in cross-examining business valuators.